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Larsons Emu-Z-um
Posted On: 2019-07-21 15:20:16.607

What an amazing place to visit in Idaho.  It is a personal museum of artifacts from Idaho history dating back 60 to 80 years.  This is in a quiet locaction about an hour south of Boise.

The displays are in rustic individual rooms/cabins full of artifacts collected over the many years by Mr. Larson and displayed with the help of his wife.  I was blown away, beyoun words of the work that has gone into this little gem.  That doesn't take into account all the tears of collecting  the artifacts.  Old carriages displayed still in excellent shape, animals, birds, tractors, sheep herder wagons, dolls from many generations and hundreds of sports cards and memorabilia and the list goes on.  It takes a minimum of an hour or more depending on your interest to go through all the exhibits.

This is a must see of little known places in Idaho!

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