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Interesting Idaho
Enjoy reading about our adventures in the great Gem State!
Progress in the Treasure Valley of Idaho

It is hard to comprehend the amount of investment and growth here in Southwest Idaho.  Investors seem to be coming from all over the US as well as people relocating to the area.  Jobs seem to follow the people coming to this area by virtue of them being able to work their present jobs from home or remotely.  Business, industrial and residential all are in a strong growth mode.  History has shown 1st one of the above followed by the others.  Today, we see the growth in all areas.  We need to work together to insure that the growth is well planned for or future and the future of our children.

Ms Rose
Ms Rose
Ms Rose
Are roses soft and gentle

This rose is beautiful, but the lady in the rose looks a little grumpy.  Lets call her Grumpy old Rose!  You will need to look at her from the right side.

Weather warms to bring Spring in fashion

With spring in our local area of the Treasure valley comes a renewed life in the outdoors.  Its outdoor fun beginning with the Race to Robie Creek.  One of the toughest 1/2 marathon races in the Northwest.  The entries open for the race and are gone in a matter of minutes.  WOW.  Add to that bike rides along the Boise River on the Green Belt, hiking on miles of trails and opoen air Farmers Markets in full swing.  Sunshine and outdoor!

Farmers Markets

Hey everyone, the Farmers Markets have opened or some may be opening soon.  One of our down town Boise Markets opened this past weekend along with an accompanying rain.  We were soaked by the end of the visit, but what fun.  We bought fresh tamales, homemade jams, herbs to plant, great coffee and many more items.  Many vendors had ample supplies of natural or organic food products, such as grass fed beef, lamb, chicken, etc.  How fun it is to explore what many individuals are into as a passion to make a living.  Farmers Markets for the season are here and now!  Enjoy

Prepare for Spting

Spring has sprung!  It is time to think outdoors, great weather and barbeque for the family and friends.

In Idaho if you have a crawl space under your home, open your foundation vents to air and dry out as well as keep it a little cooler.  Clean up old yard waste and wash the windows and screens.